shop mousii: a collection of my personal belongings

with the new year approaching i am reminded about the importance of renewal + to make room for what's to come.

last year i read the well known book, the life-changing magic of tidying up  and it really inspired me to downsize my personal belongings + get a good handle on keeping things more simple in my home. 

it was the morning on dec. 31 + i was heading back to vancouver from salt spring island (visiting my mother) and i couldn't wait to get home to start sorting through my belongings, especially my clothing. the book says to bring ALL the items in a category to the same place... my pile of clothing was sickening, literally sickening. i easily filled a car2go with 5+ bags for donation with a couple bags set aside for consignment. 

it's been a year since my first "purge" + i've been itching to do it again. today i went through the majority of clothing, shoes, bags etc. Instead of renting a car2go to take things to a local consignment shop, i've decided to list things online here.

let's give new life to pieces that i have loved but no longer spark joy in my life.



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