living small with a home business.

for young adults living in vancouver we all share the struggles of finding affordable housing that is actually livable.

just this past spring, my partner + i decided it was time to combine lives. needless to say craigslist was my homepage for a couple of months + we were constantly texting screen shots back + forth of possible places until we finally found one with a realistic price. (side note: i'm originally from the okanagan + when my girlfriends back home find out what we pay in this city it blows their mind!)

our place together is about half the size of what i was coming from so i had to downsize a lot. i like to call myself a minimalist, but i'm just in denial. i was able to donate + sell quite a bit of my personal belongings, but when it came to downsizing my fabric + sewing materials i started to question, "how will i be able to manage a home business from such a small space?" 

my fabric cabinet was soon organized + my desk was all set up. summer time was a breeze finding time + space to create new products, but this fall (aka. market season) is a challenge to find space, both physically + mentally. the busier tuk + milo becomes, the larger the fabric piles + the more product gets created leaving not much physical space in our small sewing room/office. lately i've been having trouble finding mental space while working. the creative mess seems to grow while my partners school books pile up. i feel guilty for leaving a half finished project hanging around when that creative spark fires + i quickly move on to something else. thankfully my guy understands me + can turn a blind eye to the piles of fabric scraps + rubbermaid bins that are stacking up around us.

i think this mental blockage is stemming from me worrying about how the people around me are feeling towards it + not to do with how i'm feeling. i still struggle with the fact that being creative is not always neat + tidy. i know that things will come together + this grey, wet weather is definitely not helping!


Justine Leavers